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Firefighting Foam Linked to Cancer & Thyroid Issues
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Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Lawsuit

Aqueous Film Forming Foam/AFFF Linked to Specific Cancers & Thyroid Disease.

Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF)1 has been endangering the health of our military and other first responders since the US Navy was first granted the patent in 1966 during the Vietnam War. By the late 1960s, 3M was mass-producing it; in 1970, an internal DuPont memo read: “PFAS2 are highly toxic when inhaled;” and by the late 1970s, AFFF supply was not only mandatory on every US military base but used in 100 US airports and increasingly civilian fire departments, further endangering the men and women who worked to protect others.

AFFF contains known carcinogens called PFAS, short for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. PFAS are called forever chemicals because they linger in the human body and the environment for so long.

In March 2022 the Environmental Working Group (EWG) investigated US Department of Defense (DOD) records going back to 1970, revealing the DOD knew for decades that firefighting foams with forever chemicals were dangerous but continued exposing military personnel.3 The DOD recently committed to stop using AFFF and complete a total phaseout in 2024.

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Companies knew for decades that the chemicals in firefighting foam were highly toxic, but hid the truth for profit.

AFFF Used for Decades, Endangering Countless Lives.

AFFF has been used for decades to extinguish fuel-based fires at military bases, airports, and within civilian firefighting organizations. Not only was the foam used in actual emergencies where fires could not be controlled by water alone: it was also used extensively during training exercises, thereby exposing many more thousands of men and women to dangerous chemicals. Sadly, there were insufficient warnings about the risks of AFFF despite the alleged industry knowledge that is the basis of this lawsuit.

Increased Health Risks.

Many health conditions are linked to AFFF exposure. Here is a partial list of medical conditions associated with toxic PFAS in AFFF; typically, the illnesses are latent (detected many years after contact):

  • Kidney Cancer
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Other Thyroid Disease
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Men And Women Training To Protect Us Had No Idea They Were Being Exposed To Dangerous Chemicals That Could Prove Deadly Many Years Later.

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Major Settlement Re: PFAS Water Clean-Up Announced June 2023.

The New York Times on June 2, 2023, broke the story disclosing that three top chemical producers – DuPont, Chemours, and Corteva – were jointly appropriating a tentative $1.9 billion fund to clean up and monitor PFAS absorption in public water systems. Investors speculate 3M will be hit hardest; 3M is now allocating a $10 billion settlement but faces ultimate responsibility closer to $172 billion.

Pundits call these appropriations “only a bite out of the problem.” But they signal the industry’s sudden extraordinary attention to PFAS hazards after decades, speeded by the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency’s) recent mincing of safety levels from 70 parts per trillion to .004-.02 ppt – almost zero. The EPA cites that any PFAS exposure poses serious risk to human health.

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