Are you lawyers?

A Case for Justice (ACFJ) is not a law firm; however, we retain a full-time attorney to ensure strict ethical compliance and adherence to integrity.

That being said, we partner with preeminent national law firms, providing a bridge between everyday people who are injured and the lawyers who can help them get justice. The law firms we work with have the expertise to know how to handle cases that might take months or years to conclude. Our lawyers never charge by the hour. ACFJ only works with firms that operate on a contingency fee basis (see “Will this cost anything?”).

Will this cost me anything?

ACFJ’s services are free of charge for you. If we are able to match you with a law firm, they will not charge you by the hour. When our partner lawyers sign a case, they do so on a contingency fee basis. This means they commit to putting forth a substantial amount of time and resources to work on your case. If they are successful, they are paid with a standard percentage taken out of your settlement. If they do not win, you walk away owing nothing.

Will this hurt my doctor?

Mass tort cases (which are many similar cases consolidated in the preliminary stage for speedy processing) like Paraquat and Roundup do not endanger your doctor. The lawsuit is against the manufacturer who claimed its product (drug or device) was safe, sometimes knowing it wasn’t. Your doctor received the same assurances, likely further validated by government health agencies, before they learned the truth. These cases are against the manufacturers, not the doctors who prescribed the drug or device.

Why do you need my social security number?

It’s a requirement when your case is filed and again when it’s settled. We try to do as much heavy lifting as we can, including clerical legwork. If you’re more comfortable providing your SS# directly to the law firm, you may do so directly with the law firm at a later date.

How much money will I receive?

Until a case is concluded, there is only speculation as to the average amount of settlement a person will be awarded. Cases may be settled by law firms or they can be concluded in a global settlement. Either way, people with similar injuries who used a similar product should receive a similar award if the cases are won. A small number of cases will be tried in sample hearings (called “Bellwether” trials) to try and achieve an overall settlement based on how these early cases are ruled. Though a Bellwether ruling is not definitive, it can often predict how the actual trial may conclude.

Jury values, however, are different from settlement values. Again, “Bellwether” trials are held in order to urge the parties to quickly agree to settle all cases if possible. Unlike class-action lawsuits, mass tort awards are decided on an individual basis. Age, injury and other factors play into the final settlement amount awarded to each individual.

How much of my time will this take?

Surprisingly, not much. After you complete some forms and participate in a few phone conversations, the law firm handles your case. It’s up to them, with your help and input, to prove your case. They will order your medical records (unless you wish to provide them), investigate every detail of your story, hire expert witnesses if need be and battle the defendant, without involving you. We often say it takes a little of your time and some of your patience to get a mass tort case resolved.

Why do these cases take so long?

Mass tort cases may take months or years. Generally, the manufacturers have a lot of money and will use it to defend themselves. However, in mass tort cases, the longer the defendant fights, the more people will have time to join in the case. Eventually, if the defendants don’t have a case they can win on its merits, they should reach a settlement in order to avoid the continued growth of cases filed against them. This is why it’s so important for each individual to take action. Every case does truly count.

So, what is happening while you are waiting?

Your law firm will hit the ground running and never look back. First, they will file a complaint with the court against the defendant (usually the manufacturer of the product that harmed you), which includes specific data describing how their product injured you. Sometimes, there is a tolling agreement, which means the statute of limitations (SOL) will be preserved and the attorney won’t have to file the case for some time. Other times, the case will need to be filed before the SOL expires to preserve the statute of limitations, which varies from state to state. Regardless of whether the case is filed or tolled, your attorney will continue to work on your case daily and monitor the progress of the litigation overall.

Bellwether trials.

A few cases are chosen by the judge, plaintiffs’ lead counsel and the defendants’ lead counsel to show a sampling of the cases out there. Although Bellwether verdicts are not definitive, they can strengthen or weaken the case for one side. The more cases won by the plaintiffs’ attorneys, the more likely the defendants will settle overall .

That’s why plaintiff attorneys and their colleagues spend countless hours building their case. It is unlikely your case will be picked as a Bellwether case but, if it is, your attorneys will work with you on the next steps. Generally, most cases will settle out of court and very little of your time will be required. Your involvement in the case likely will be handled from home via phone, email, text or post.

Can I take action anonymously?

ACFJ never shares any information you share except with your law firm in the initial stages, as you exchange our care for that of your lawyers. Whether or not a case can be filed anonymously will depend on the circumstances of the case. Most product or dangerous medication cases cannot be filed anonymously. Some sexual assault cases can be filed anonymously, but it depends on state laws and various other factors like age at the time of the assault and other variables.

After you sign the retainer agreement with your lawyers, they are of course obliged to honor attorney-client privilege by keeping your information absolutely confidential. It is best to bring this up with your attorneys right away; they will know how to proceed in a way that makes you most comfortable throughout the process.

How do you find the law firms you work with?

Throughout many years of working in the legal field, co-founder Susan Knape and our team have cultivated an expansive network that includes, in our collective opinion, only the finest attorneys. We gravitate to those firms with solid experience, devotion and successful track records, as well as those who have had success taking on complex cases.

Would I be better off with a local law firm?

When challenging a giant like Bayer, 3M or Northern Suffolk Rail, the main thing to consider in a law firm is experience in the particular type of litigation. Just as you would not like a mass tort attorney to handle a tax dispute, you wouldn’t want an inexperienced attorney handling either a mass tort or sexual assault case. In these cases, experience is what matters.

Where are you based?

We are officially headquartered in Dallas, Texas, but our partner lawyers are national firms located throughout the country; also our many advocates operate from every state. We are able to investigate legal options for anyone living in the U.S. (sometimes Canada and Europe).

What happens after I submit on your site?

After you submit an inquiry, our intake team will respond with preliminary questions. Please reply back if you have any questions at any time – there are always real people answering every text and email you receive. If we think you may have legal options, we’ll then ask that you complete a questionnaire by phone with a member of our team or via a personalized, confidential link we can email or text you (or both).

From the questionnaire, we will work with our network of attorneys to determine if you’re eligible for a case, and then we will try to match you with a law firm. If we’re successful, we’ll notify you quickly and send a digital agreement to sign and return to us. If you decide to move ahead, we’ll transfer your file over to the law firm. (If not, see “Is this confidential?.”)

How does ACFJ get paid?

Our partner lawyers are some of the nation’s most prestigious and experienced. They hire us to help them connect with potential plaintiffs in the cases. When, through mutual respect, we combine forces, we’re able to offer assistance to help people take civil legal action. For these law firms, we spread the word to reach audiences about what cases are evolving or still active (within the statute of limitations) and contribute by bringing plaintiffs and lawyers together. The independent social media channels we operate educate people about breaking news topics that may present an opportunity for legal recourse.

What is your focus?

We focus on personal injury and product liability cases, working with plaintiff firms around the country. These firms handle cases involving injuries resulting from using approved prescription drugs, medical devices, any consumer product suspected to cause physical, mental or emotional illness, simply because so many people report the same damage after using the same product(s).

In addition, we’re able to investigate some case areas not listed – civil sexual assault or cases where a boss or authority (business, institution, organization) is responsible for some form of injury to another person who should have been entrusted to their protection. If you’d like us to look into your options in a particular case area that we do not work in ourselves, we’ve compiled a list of separate resources that may be more suitable to your need.

What if I don’t have my records?

No worries! You may still have a valid case. To get started, just give us your best idea of what happened and when. If we can match you with a law firm, they will look into the situation further. In the meantime, please do not send us any records, evidence or other documentation. Your law firm will request the information they need.

Is this confidential?

We do not share any of the personal information you give us unless it’s basic information about your identity that the potential law firm must have to potentially represent your case. We go to extreme measures to ensure that all our systems are secure and your privacy is protected.

As we have said, if we can match you with a law firm and you choose to sign with them, we’ll pass your relevant information to them. Once you sign, you will have attorney-client privilege, so everything you confide in them will be strictly protected by law.

I submitted through your site and you couldn’t connect me with a law firm. What now?

There could be many reasons we’re not able to connect you with a law firm. We are confined by what cases a firm can take. There may be a legal detriment to your case, such as a possible statute of limitations issue, or your injury might not be a signature (approved) injury caused by a certain product. There could be other reasons as well. If we aren’t able to connect you, please continue to call others if you feel you might have a case. If you ultimately cannot find legal representation at a certain time, but later your health changes or another circumstance arises that might change the original situation, please feel to reach back out to us at (866) 488-4786.

How can I get in touch with you?

If you’d like us to look into your legal options, the best way to get started is by submitting a response on our official website. If you already have, or you have further questions, you can email us at or call us at (866) 488-4786. You can also join our newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.