Ex-Olympian Conrad Mainwaring Molested Boys for Decades.

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Conrad Mainwaring Sex Assault – Mass/NY Coaching Abuse

Ex-Olympian Conrad Mainwaring Was a Monster Posing as Mentor.

Conrad Mainwaring, ex-Olympic track and field star turned U.S. camp counselor and coach, was sentenced to 11 years in prison on February 8, 2024. He pled guilty to 16 counts1 of molesting boys aged 13-19 in the 1970s. Several survivors present in the courtroom or via Zoom addressed their former coach as he sat in handcuffs in a wheelchair.

If you were sexually abused by Mainwaring, you have an opportunity now to join a civil lawsuit against the camps and schools that failed to protect athletes and students under his care.

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“In his British accent, “he would say, ‘I’m going to ask you to do things that are uncomfortable, that are socially frowned upon, and you’re going to show me you can do those things. And that’s going to prove that you have the mental strength that you need,’” he said. “A lot of us fell for it.”

– Survivor Michael Waxman, 60-year-old trial attorney from Maine.

How Did He Get Away with Abusing Boys for 40 Years?

At the February 2024 plea hearing in Massachusetts, plaintiffs described how, when they were young, Mainwaring promised them a dream of becoming elite athletes like himself, then told them they’d first have to overcome a natural distaste for his unconventional methods, which included crossing sexual boundaries. If they did, they might make the coveted “squad” of his finest athletes.

“Sadly, Conrad Mainwaring derailed that dream for many of us,” said survivor David Sweet, now 60, retired from a career in Child Protective Services.

The training, Mainwaring instructed, was necessary for young athletes to learn how to “control and manipulate erections and testosterone levels to maximize their athletic performance.” He told the boys not to discuss his methods with anyone. And he chose heterosexual boys because they would most likely be too ashamed to admit what was going on.

For 44 years, he was right.

After competing in the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics, Mainwaring moved from Antigua (Antigua-Barbuda) to Massachusetts and became a counselor at Camp Greylock, a youth sports camp in the Berkshire Mountains. Later, he coached at Syracuse University in New York and nearby Nottingham High School, then on the West Coast at Caltech and UCLA.

One survivor, John Shapiro, said he was 11 when the grooming started at Camp Greylock; it would continue another 12 years until he was at Syracuse University.

“It’s years of anguish and turmoil,” Shapiro said. “I would have recurring nightmares. My wife would wake me up. I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs. I battle with addictions. I battle with depression.”

What Prompted the Nearly 3-Year ESPN Investigation?

In June 2018, according to ABC, ESPN began investigating a tip that Mainwaring had molested a 12-year-old boy in the 1970s at Camp Greylock and might have continued such activity into the 2010s while working as a private track coach in Los Angeles. That tip led to an extended probe that uncovered 52 survivors.2

The men whose paths crossed with Mainwaring in the 1970s have formed a recovery group, and say they know of “well over 400” survivors who have not yet come forward. CNN reports the number of survivors is unknown.3

In October 2020, ESPN released a 4-part podcast about Mainwaring’s epic abuse called “The Running Man.”4

Will You Speak Up?

A Case for Justice was founded by the nationally acclaimed A Case for Women in 2021. Like ACFW, our first aim is to educate people about how to access the legal help and seek justice. We have helped thousands of survivors get help through joining powerful lawsuits. Notably, we helped hundreds of survivor/athletes who were abused by Larry Nassar and by Dr. Anderson.

If you were abused by Conrad Mainwaring, it is important to understand that it was not your fault. You were a minor. He took advantage of you, and the camp and schools where he coached did not protect you. While imprisoning him was huge, it is crucially important for all survivors to come forward and join the civil lawsuit. This is how you can pursue justice and create change so that this never happens again.

Please allow A Case for Justice to hear your story and help you get the legal assistance that you need. We do not charge you for our services and the law firms we work with operate on a contingency fee basis.

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