Former Ohio State Doctor Sexually Abused Hundreds for 20 Years.

University Allegedly Knew about Dr. Richard Strauss and Did Nothing.
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OSU Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Decades of Abuse Under the Guise of Medical Care.

The story is familiar: a physician using his official position at a university to prey on vulnerable student-athletes. It’s happened before in the high-profile case of Dr. Larry Nassar at MSU and Dr. Anderson at the University of Michigan.

Abuse is Always Wrong. Contact Us if You Were Seen by Strauss and Have Concerns About What Happened During Your Exam.

Survivors say they were abused by Strauss sometimes in the form of subtler acts under the guise of medical treatment –to more blatant acts. They also allege the administration received the first complaints about, and knew of, Dr. Strauss’ aberrant conduct a few months after he was hired in September 1978. His assaults, nevertheless, continued for 20 years.

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Ohio State University Denied Appeal, Allowing Lawsuits Against It to Move Ahead.

After the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Ohio State University’s latest appeal attempting to avoid responsibility for the sexual abuse of hundreds of former student-athletes under its protection, more than 230 men can move forward with two related lawsuits against the university for enabling former university physician Dr. Richard Strauss to sexually abuse hundreds of former student-athletes and other alumni during his tenure (1978-1998).

The university has already offered settlements to all the male students who filed lawsuits, settling with half of them (a total of 296) for more than $60 million and agreeing to cover professional counseling for survivors and family members.

“For decades, OSU has attempted to run out the clock on its accountability and protect its reputation through a series of actions aimed at hiding its role in perpetuating the serial sexual abuse [committed by Strauss] that OSU students and others experienced on the university’s watch.” Strauss died by suicide in 2005, a decade before he was investigated.

If you were sexually abused by Dr. Strauss or any physician with the power to inappropriately touch you, contact A Case for Justice in private. We realize that revealing accounts of sexual abuse is difficult. We would be honored to hear your story in private.

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