$490 Million Settlement Reached in University of Michigan Dr. Robert Anderson Abuse Case.

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#Dr. Robert E. Anderson Lawsuit

1,000+ Accusations of Assault Over Decades.

This case may have the most sexual abuse allegations against a single person in U.S. history.

No one had any idea that when a handful of former students from The University of Michigan came forward accusing a long-time university doctor of assault that it would grow into one of the largest abuse lawsuits in U.S. history.

That was in February 2020 and included around a dozen students. Now, more than 1,000 former students, athletes, patients, and others have come forward claiming that Dr. Robert Anderson sexually assaulted them during routine medical examinations.

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Fondling, unnecessary genital and rectal exams – it wasn’t just you. Anderson may have done this to hundreds, if not more.

Records Indicate That The University of Michigan Knew About Dr. Anderson’s Misconduct.

According to records obtained by the Associated Press, The University of Michigan was first warned about Dr. Robert Anderson’s sexual misconduct in 1975 when UM wrestler Tad Deluca, then 20, wrote a nine-page letter to Athletics Director Don Canham and a coach named Bill Johannesen. They kicked him off the team and stripped his full scholarship. Yet the doctor continued to work at the university. Though Dr. Anderson was forced to step down as the director of University Health Services in response to two subsequent assault allegations in 1979 and 1980, he continued serving full-time as senior team physician at the university’s athletics department for another 23 years.

Dr. Anderson worked at the University of Michigan for 37 years total, with his time there split between Student Health Services and working with student athletes, most notably the university’s football team, where he likely saw hundreds of students. Dr. Anderson passed away in 2008, but a case can still be filed against the university.

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It Wasn’t Just Football Players.

Claims against Dr. Anderson span nearly 40 years during his entire tenure at The University of Michigan. While there have been four prominent football players sharing stories of their abuse in media, other football players have also made claims, as well as former athletes involved in wrestling, hockey, swimming, track and field, and tennis.

There have also been allegations from nonathlete students who saw Dr. Anderson at the university’s Health Science Center and even allegations of assault by patients Dr. Anderson saw as part of his private practice. While the vast majority of the survivors are men, there have also been assault allegations from a handful of women.

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