Are You Disappointed with the So-Called “Marketing” Efforts of “Case Generators”?

So Are We.

A Case for Justice, an affiliate of A Case for Women, is here for the law firm that wants to make a difference — the ones who understand the innate power of civil legal action. We are also here for law firms that are concerned about integrity and ethics.

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As a plaintiff attorney, you offer people the justice they are longing for. You are the attorneys who put Larry Nassar behind bars. You weren’t afraid of Monsanto. You took on Bayer and now you are fighting America’s sweetheart, Johnson & Johnson. You see hurt people and you fight for them – not only compensating the injured but also creating real change in the big chessboard called corporate America.

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Tired of plaintiff attorneys being cast as ambulance chasers?

Us, too. We need good firms now more than ever, and all of us at A Case for Justice and A Case for Women are doing everything we can to help people across America understand the power of civil legal action.

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Our founding promise was to help women change their lives through legal action and now we have added A Case for Justice to help men who were tragically abused in horrific ways by The Boy Scouts of America, Dr. Anderson, toxic herbicide manufacturers, and even the military.

What Attorneys Are Saying

I never have to worry about issues of integrity or ethics when it comes to A Case for Women. They are upfront in ways that should be industry-standard but are often lacking in legal marketing.”

Majed NachawatiNachawati Law Group

I have used a lot of marketing companies to connect with clients in mass tort cases. I can think of none that compare to A Case for Women in terms of case quality. I use ACFW because they interact with clients on a personal level, and clients retained by them make it to resolution.

John DriscollThe Driscoll Firm

Assault cases require special care - not only to protect survivors from additional trauma but also to get the detailed information needed to prove up cases. A Case for Women’s skilled intake group does a wonderful job of gently speaking to women and men who have been sexually assaulted. They make our job easier because they foster trust from the onset.

Laurel SimesLevin Simes Abrams

A Case for Women’s approach is so unique because they are not only marketers - they are advocates for all the issues we care about. Their ability to educate women about legal action is a game-changer because engaged plaintiffs mean better results in our cases.

Fidelma FitzpatrickMotley Rice

Susan was always an innovator during her long tenure at Baron & Budd. In fact, she developed our entire digital presence and online branding. I’m happy to see that her visionary aptitude is now paying dividends for others through A Case for Women. I have no doubt that any law firm she works will benefit from her years of experience, integrity and insight.

Russell BuddBaron & Budd

Have you ever had over 95% of the cases you obtained through marketing get to resolution? I have with Case for Women. What a great return on my investment!

Laura V. YaegerYaeger Law

Our Client List Speaks for Itself

  • Aylstock Witkin Kreis & Overholtz
  • Baron & Budd
  • Beasley Allen
  • Fears Nachawati
  • Grant & Eisenhofer
  • Grewal Law
  • Grossman & Moore
  • Lieff Cabraser
  • The Lanier Firm
  • Levin Simes Abrams
  • Levin Papantonio Rafferty
  • Motley Rice
  • Pogust Millrood
  • Pulaski Law Firm
  • Simon Greenstone Panatier
  • Simmons Hanly Conroy
  • Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley
  • The Driscoll Firm
  • The Gori Law Firm
  • Wagstaff Law Firm
  • Weitz and Luxenberg
  • Yaeger Law

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