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We’re here for the lawyers who want to make a difference — the ones who understand the power innate to their line of work, the fact that they matter now more than ever, the fact that they have to fight, now, harder than ever, to help us all.

If you’re with a firm that will go to bat for our survivors, we want to talk. They have all been through the wringer, and yet they keep fighting; they need a firm that will take all that they went through and make it count where it matters — nothing less. You know where that place is — and you, justice seekers, are the only type of people that can make it happen.

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NOTE: Firms We Work With Must...

1. Actually Handle the Cases

2. Commit to Communicating Regularly With Clients

Tired of lawyers being cast as ambulance chasers?

Us too. We need good firms now more than ever, and we at A Case for Justice are doing everything we can to help survivors understand their legal options, their rights and the importance of the civil justice system. You can do your part, too, by making sure your firm stops the negligent, poorly branded campaigns that give a bad name to good work. Contact us to learn more.


The survivors we work with trust us because we’re transparent, accountable and do the legal whispering™ they need to take their pain and suffering and turn it into powerful legal action. That works both ways — and when firms work with A Case for Justice they can expect the same transparency and accountability.

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