It Wasn’t Just You

The Church Hid Decades of Abuse. Now They Are Offering Help for Survivors.

Survivors of clergy abuse now have the opportunity to seek compensation.

If you were hurt, even if it was decades ago, please contact us for a confidential and free consultation.

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Colorado Clergy Lawsuit

$3 Billion in Settlements

There is no question. The Catholic Church has accepted responsibility and is trying to right wrongs. In fact, dioceses in the United States have already paid out more than $3 billion in sexual abuse settlements.

There may still be a chance for adult survivors to take action for abuse suffered as minor. Contact us now to see if you can hold those in power accountable.

Many more survivors have yet to come forward. Are you one of them?


Contact us now for a completely confidential legal consult.

“Look-Back” Window in Colorado Means You Came Seek Justice Now – Even if the Abuse Occurred Decades Ago.

Colorado’s Governor Polis is expected to sign into law SB 21-088, “Child Sexual Abuse Accountability Act,” which will take effect January 1, 2022 and which states, in relevant part:

“The bill creates a statutory cause of action for a victim of sexual misconduct when the victim was a minor against the actor who committed the sexual misconduct and against an organization that operates or manages a youth program if the sexual misconduct occurred while the victim was participating in a youth program.”

This means that the many survivors in Colorado who have not yet been able to seek justice can now come forward and submit claims.

Let Us Carry Your Pain.

Many survivors are worried that it will be too traumatic to take legal action. While it takes courage to even contact us, we will work with you to make every step of the process.

You do not have to relive your pain or recall every detail in order to file a case. There has already been a great deal of research done on predators in Colorado and your law firm will be able to use that research to investigate your case.


“ They say it’s just physical abuse but it’s more than that.
This was spiritual abuse. ”

–Doug Murray as Peter Canellos in Spotlight

What now?

The Catholic Church has established funds to compensate survivors of childhood sexual abuse. However, the funds will only remain open for a short time so the window of opportunity to apply for these funds is limited. Don’t Wait!

Civil legal action is a way to regain your power.

It’s a way to not only ask for compensation for the trauma you endured but also to change the systemic patten of abuse in the Church and similar institutions.


Even if it has been decades since you were hurt, you may still very well have legal options that will help you and help others.

What can you do?

If you were hurt by any type of church or institutional sex abuse, please do not keep this trauma to yourself. Healing often comes from taking legal action because it is empowering. We have worked with hundreds of sexual abuse survivors across the country and have seen how their lives change once they are unburdened from their dark secrets.


It was not your fault.

The Shame Belongs to Them.

Widespread child sexual abuse occurs because of sexual predators, and it continues because those predators are supported by the very institutions that are supposed to protect children.

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