It Wasn’t Just You.

The Catholic Church and Others Hid Decades of Abuse. Now They're Offering Help for Survivors.

Church abuse survivors now have the opportunity to receive compensation.

If you were hurt, even if it was decades ago, please contact us for a totally free and confidential legal consult.

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The Catholic Church has admitted its failure to protect the vulnerable. That is why settlement funds have been established to compensate survivors.

After a 2002 exposé in The Boston Globe led to the arrest of five Catholic priests in the Boston area as depicted in the movie Spotlight, thousands of survivors have come forward with their own stories of abuse, many of whom have gone on to file lawsuits. The Catholic Church has paid more than $3 billion to date in child sexual abuse settlements in America alone.

But many more survivors have yet to come forward. Are you one of them?


Contact us now for a completely confidential legal consult.

Let us be clear: It was not your fault.

Widespread child sexual abuse occurs because of sexual predators, and it continues because those predators are supported, be it through negligence, downright avoidance, denial or reputation-preservation, in place of protection of the child.

Why now?

The Catholic Church and other institutions like The Boy Scouts of America have established settlement funds to compensate survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The funds will only remain open for a short time so the window of opportunity to apply for these funds is limited. Don’t Wait!


Send a message through legal action: Covering up abuse is NEVER okay.

What can you do?

If you were hurt by any type of church or institutional sex abuse, please do not keep this trauma to yourself.  Healing often comes from taking legal action because it is empowering. We have worked with hundreds of sexual abuse survivors across the country as they deal with their abuse and have seen how their lives change once they are unburdened from this dark secret and see justice served.

Civil legal action is a way to regain your power.

It’s a way to not only ask for compensation for the trauma you endured but also to change the systemic pattern of abuse in the Church and similar institutions.


Even if it has been decades since you were hurt, you may still very well have legal options that will help you and help others.

The Universe It Took.

People know when children are sexually abused. There are hints and clues that they avoid.

It is sickening to learn about the repeated sexual abuse and cover-ups within the walls of the Catholic Church and private schools across the country, many of which occurred for decades, not just years. Make no mistake that it took a village to keep those stories quiet. And that was wrong. By hiding the abuse and failing to address it, by keeping quiet instead of taking action, they allowed untold more children to be abused in the process.


We Stand for Justice.

A Case for Justice is an initiative by A Case for Women LLC.

Our mission is to help men and women who have been abused as a result of institutional negligence.

We educate the public about contingency-fee law firms with the intent of helping survivors receive monetary compensation through civil legal action.

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