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# Roundup Lawsuit

Bayer-Monsanto Denied Glyphosate Was a Carcinogen.

The WHO and IARC, meanwhile, held in 2015 that glyphosate was a “PROBABLE carcinogen in humans.”

Monsanto has always insisted that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is harmless. So much in fact that Monsanto lobbyist Patrick Moore boasted on national television that Roundup was so safe one could drink a quart of it. Yet when coaxed to prove his point, he replied, “I’m not stupid,” quickly ending his interview.1

Tug of War.

Regardless of Bayer-Monsanto’s denial that exposure to glyphosate can cause Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL), there have been large verdicts against the company, such as the $86.7 million awarded to Alva and Alberta Pilliod and the $25 million awarded to Edwin Hardeman based on their allegations that Roundup was the cause of their NHL.

And Now Bayer Loses Again.

In two separate instances this summer, the Supreme Court said it would not hear an appeal by Bayer.

First, on June 21, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari in the Hardeman case, meaning the Court chose not to answer certain questions regarding whether “failure to warn” laws in states are pre-empted by federal law. If the Court had agreed to answer the question, then the Hardeman verdict could have been overturned. But it denied Bayer’s request, meaning the verdict awarding NHL patient Edwin Hardeman $25 million stands.

Second, on June 27, 2022, the Court again denied Bayer’s attempted appeal of Alberta and Alva Pilliod’s case, meaning their verdict for $86.7 million remains intact.

What does this mean for other possible Roundup lawsuits?

Well, for one, people who have signed up for a Roundup lawsuit can still move forward. Bayer had stalled any possible settlement negotiations pending this appeal; now they have less ground to stand on. It also means that Roundup users who were diagnosed with NHL but have not had a chance to bring a case can sign up to do so as well.

The Supreme Court’s decisions not to hear Bayer’s appeals could lead to massive damages against the corporation.

Bottom line, it is not too late for you to file for compensation from contracting NHL linked to Roundup.

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Bayer Promises No More Glyphosate.

Since the Supreme Court ruling, Bayer has agreed to discontinue glyphosate and reformulate Roundup with a new active ingredient (thus far undisclosed) by 2023.

A coalition of consumer, environmental and public health advocates, though cheering the chemical’s phaseout, is strongly pressuring giant retailers like Home Depot not to wait until 2023 to remove the old formula from shelves.7

These groups are also urging the EPA to ban all uses of the chemical, including on food crops.

“As agricultural, large-scale use of this toxic pesticide continues, our farm workers remain at risk.”

Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of the Center for Food Safety

Sudden Interest.

For 20 years after its release, referred to as the “quiet years in Act One of the Roundup drama,” glyphosate remained under the radar. But in 1996 Monsanto started selling GMOs (genetically modified crops) able to tolerate the weedkilling agent in Roundup. Roundup sales suddenly skyrocketed as consumers began saturating crops and landscapes indiscriminately knowing that crops and gardens would be fine but the weeds would die.

Monsanto instantly became the world’s biggest seed company and glyphosate suddenly became a big blip on the radar. “It was a farming revolution built on glyphosate. Sales of Roundup increased more than tenfold.”6

And despite the EPA’s previous assertions to the contrary, glyphosate can also cause kidney and liver disease, reproductive and developmental issues, and risk for pregnant women and fetuses.

Did Bayer-Monsanto Engage in a Coverup?

Internal documents released in a lawsuit against Monsanto in July 2017 raised startling questions about the company’s efforts to influence news media and scientific research, also revealing internal debate over the safety of Roundup weedkiller, its highest-profile product.5

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Common Symptoms of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Symptoms often depend on the type of NHL diagnosis a patient receives and how it affects their body’s composition. It’s unlikely that anyone with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma will have all the symptoms listed below.

Most people with these symptoms will not have NHL, but some will. The sooner you’re diagnosed, the sooner you can get the right care. Even if you only have one persistent symptom, unexplained or unusual, please contact your doctor immediately.

  • swollen glands in the neck, armpit or groin area, or anywhere you have glands (lymph nodes) – usually not painful
  • extreme tiredness tiredness (fatigue) that doesn’t go away even after rest or sleep
  • chest pain, cough or breathlessness if there’s a swelling in your chest
  • feeling uncomfortably full or feeling sick caused by a swelling in your stomach area
  • itching either widespread or in one place
  • bone pain if the lymphoma affects the bone marrow inside your bones
  • skin rashes or lumps
  • infections that are frequent or last a long time
  • unusual bleeding or bruising caused by a low number of platelets – the blood cells that cause the blood to clot

B symptoms:

These three symptoms, called B symptoms, are also symptoms of NHL:

  • high fever (100.4°F or higher)
  • weight loss of a tenth or more of your previous weight over the past six months, when you haven’t been trying to lose weight
  • night sweats that drench your nightclothes and bedding

Whether or not someone has B symptoms is a guide to how much the lymphoma has advanced, and this determination helps doctors assess the stage of lymphoma and best treatment.

Other symptoms:

A specific type of NHL called Waldenström macroglobulinaemia causes changes in your blood which can lead to:

  • headaches and dizziness
  • confusion
  • nose bleeds
  • blurred vision
  • kidney problems
  • numbness in the legs and feet
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