Camps, Churches, Sports Groups – Far Too Many Hid Sexual Abuse

Even If It Happened Decades Ago, You May Be Able to Take Action

Many youth organizations turned a blind eye to sexual abuse. Civil lawsuits are the only way to expose the cover-ups.

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Colorado Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

The Law Has Changed: If You Were Abused Decades Ago, You May Still Be Able to Seek Justice.

In 2022, a new law will go into effect in Colorado that allows people who were sexually abused as children to file lawsuits, even if the abuse happened decades ago. At the same time, adults who were abused within the past few years may also have an opportunity to seek justice.

What does this mean? It means that men and women who were sexually abused by an authority figure such as a priest, teacher, coach, camp worker (and so on), now have the opportunity to hold these organizations accountable for covering up known, systemic sexual abuse.

Some of these entities include:

  • Camps
  • Church and other houses of worship
  • Schools/Universities
  • Any youth-oriented activity, including sports

Further abuse could have been prevented if appropriate action had been taken. But that’s not what happened. Instead, these organizations hid the abuse. When it happened, they turned a blind eye, perpetuating a vicious cycle.

Now, it’s time to hold these institutions accountable for what they did. To take the first step, contact us today to learn how you can take your power.

Abuse in Youth Sports

We are fortunate to live in a time where there has been such a major spotlight on the sexual abuse in sports. A recent example is the massive lawsuit against Dr. Larry Nassar at Michigan State University, which exposed a deep systemic cover-up of sexual abuse in USA Gymnastics. Hundreds of young women came forward, and as a result, Nassar went to prison and USA Gymnastics reached a $425 million settlement with survivors.

A Case for Women was proud to be on the front lines of this lawsuit, working closely with women who were hurt alongside the top attorneys in the litigation. We are honored to have helped these women take their power back through a lawsuit, and we stand ready to help you too.

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Abuse at Youth Camps

Camps are supposed to be fun, especially in such a recreation-friendly place like Colorado. But sadly, predators have found that camps and after school activities offer another opportunity to prey on young children. According to a 2018 CBS News report, there have been over 500 reports of children being sexually abuse at camps over the past 55 years.

In May 2021, eight women filed a lawsuit against a camp for perpetuating a “cult-like culture” that hid abuse. The lawsuit alleges there was “no oversight” at the camp, and one survivor claims the camp’s message of unconditional love “blurred the lines between right and wrong” which allowed abusers to groom children and “normalized sexually coercive behavior.”

And that’s not the only camp being accused of hiding abuse.

We want to help you take your power back. It doesn’t matter if the abuse happened decades ago. Contact us now to talk privately about your legal options.

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The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is perhaps one of the most egregious examples of sexual abuse being hidden. For decades, the Church covered up horrendous acts of child sexual abuse by numerous priests by quieting rumors of abuse and moving accused priests to different parishes. Sadly, in many instances, the priests continued to abuse in their new parish. And the cycle continued.

That is, until after decades of silence the Spotlight team at The Boston Globe (as dramatized in the film Spotlight) busted the scandal wide open. Their groundbreaking series of articles on the Catholic Church’s cover up of sexual abuse brought the issue into the forefront.

Now, we are working with men and women who were abused to seek justice and hold the Catholic Church accountable.

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Schools and Other Entities

Sadly, the stories of abuse don’t stop there. Other organizations and entities people thought they could trust, likes schools, camps and other places of worship, have also been accused of covering up systemic child sexual abuse.

And the list doesn’t end there – so much abuse happened in the shadows, it’s virtually impossible to keep track of everything. Even though these horrors happened, there may be something you can do about it, even now.

Contact us to learn how you can help hold these organizations accountable for covering up abuse by filing a lawsuit.

Hold Them Accountable

Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America, founded in 1910, may have been sexually abusing children since 1919. In fact, when the organization’s abuse and related cover-up came to light, the Boy Scouts had amassed at least 1,900 files and 3,000 case summaries of sexual abuse ranging from 1947 to 2005. These files, coined the “perversion files,” were used internally. What did the Boy Scouts do with the information? Well, they didn’t tell the police. Typically, they didn’t do anything at all. Instead, when push came to shove, it appears as if they allowed the molesters to depart easily and quietly, only to reappear in another troop or state and to continue to sexually abuse the young boys that the Boy Scouts were supposed to build up, not tear down.

By coming forward, you can help expose the cover up and hold the Boy Scouts accountable. Contact us to learn how.

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